May 2001 update - compiled by Helane Shields - prepared for WWW by ESRA

US EPA publication - "CONTROL OF PATHOGENS AND VECTOR ATTRACTION IN SEWAGE SLUDGE - 1999" appears to contradict Dr. Gerba.

Page 9:

"How could exposure to these (sludge) pathogens occur?"

"Direct Contact ....Inhaling microbes that become airborne (via aerosols, dust, etc.) during sewage sludge spreading or by strong winds, plowing, or cultivating the soil after application."

Survival time of pathogens in soil - bacteria and viruses "absolute maximum: one year".

THUS, Dr. Gerba's statements declaiming airborne transport of sludge pathogens which he recently made in December 2000, as an expert witness for the sludge company, appear to contradict statements he made in his earlier works in 1993 and January 2000, as well as the conclusions of NIOSH and the USEPA.

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